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Just $99
Are you ready to finally make your health a priority?
Weight Loss, Detox and Tons of Energy is the PAYOFF!
Are you ready to finally make your health a priority? 
I know for most people this is a big challenge and we are just not used to doing things for ourselves, even if we really need it.

Welcome to my 30 Day Self Care Challenge, where I will guide you through 30 days of healthy activities and simple steps you can take every day to make your health a priority. It’s easier than you think and can have a HUGE payoff for your health!

It takes at least 30 days to create new habits and override your old ones, so lets get started!
During this 30 Day Challenge you will receive:
  • 30 Days of Health Coaching on my Private Facebook Group – The 30 Day Self Care Challenge
  • 30 Days of Eating for Energy Meal plans with awesome healthy recipes and shopping lists
  • 1 Free Copy of my latest paperback book Six Steps to Self Care
  • Daily video lessons showing Self Care Activity of the Day that is simple and easy to follow and use

Join the 30 Day Self Care Challenge NOW for just $99
About Your Coach
Nicole Carter is a Holistic Health Educator, wellness program developer, product formulator and Master Herbalist, and author with over 13 years of experience studying, teaching and using herbal medicine and other holistic modalities. She has founded several herbal and wellness businesses and has formulated numerous herbal products for other companies. Because education is a big part of her work she teaches health in many facets, including teaching wellness strategies for schools students, teachers and parents. She has been teaching classes live, online via Webinars and through her published book and DVD series for several years. Nicole has many years of training and experience in the field of wellness including a Masters Degree in Health Promotion from University of Nevada Las Vegas with a focus on holistic health, obesity and corporate wellness.

Nicole is a Laguna Beach Health Coach passionate about empowering people to take control of their health. Because of her holistic expertise, Nicole has been guest speaker to International Conferences, University Conventions, local and national news networks, radio programs and Internet shows. Nicole has been featured, in national magazines as well as the cover of St. Rose Hospitals Women’s Care Magazine and UNLV Educational Outreach publication.

I have been teaching herbal medicine, holistic health and wellness for 16 years. I watched people around me getting sick, gaining weight, feeling tired and miserable and realized it was not just the natural course of life. It’s the choices we make! In my training in the health and wellness field, I learned that we have the power to control our health by what we put into our bodies and what we are exposed to. After getting my BA in Psychology, I went on to study Herbal Medicine and finally to Graduate School where I earned my Masters in Health Promotion, now called Public Health. It was confirmation to me that we are doing things WRONG in our approach with heath care (drugs) and lack of prevention (poor diet). So, after watching my father take advice from the standard medical practice, and it failed him, I am determined to set the course for new healthcare in America and abroad. I believe in the power of food. I believe in the power of natural plants as healing agents. I have seen miraculous changes in peoples’ health, by embracing these principles and it is my goal to touch as many lives as I can with this knowledge and reset their course of life to one directed at health and prosperity forever.
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